design BOOKS


This site and the illustrations have been very helpful but could anyone
put me in the direction of some good books concerning
product design drawing?? Particularly anything geared towards footwear design.

I have checked out “DESIGN DRAWING” BY William Lockard and a few others but could anyone tell me any benchmark books


Footwear, like anything, is mostly about proportion and perspective- and how to work them the right way.

Personally, I like the simple drawing books and lots of work…
How to draw comics the Marvel way- Stan Lee
Drawing Hotwheels cars- Scott Robertson

They’re fun- and focus on the principles.

Maybe I should have made a new post, but this seems a pretty appropriate thread…

I was just looking at my book recommendations from Amazon and was thinking, there are so many books about different aspects of car design, and I thought to myself “are there similar books or any books about footwear design?” Just an idea, seems like a gap somebody could easily fill.


probably the same reason there are not too many books on product design? There are plenty of books on the sneaker cult(ure), which is kinda an indirect view of footwear design; albeit through the lens of someone who doesn’t design kicks