Slick Chair design

I thought this was pretty nifty!

ummmm its only useable for sitting in that one configuration, the rest would colapse unless reinforced with something else.

You would actually be suprised to know that these chairs are fairly functional, not necessarily for an office setting, but functional none the less. There are a couple of other videos floating around on the net, and they’ve gathered quite a following because of their sustainable nature.

Very cool idea in my opinion.

Very very clever. I would love to see one in person. Has a “too cool to be true” feel to it online.

show me as the donkey said. You have a fan fold (zig zag) membrain and so its only going to be stable in a few postions.

molo, from vancouver, showed something very similar in milan

very cool


that being honeycomb would work well…the donkey is happy.

see this chair

I saw the Molo products at ICFF as well and I really enjoyed how flexible they were. There was also a similar company that was using the same concept but using the product as a room divider. The only thing I didn’t like about the Molo was how they dent when you sit on them. Not sure what they retail for but I would bet you could recycle them once they get too dented. Perhaps it’s a way to customize them.

I guess Molo did the wall also.

Can’t wait for ICFF next year! NYC rocks.