cool chairs have a look

let me guess, you are rupert

Not impressed.

All pictures and no explanation for why those pieces exist or who they are for? :unamused:

it sucks and the gumby animation movements are annoying

domo arigato. mr roboto.

his stuff is ‘feh’


Are those meant to be sat on or just looked at? How much weight can they support? Who told you you could just go off designing furniture willy nilly? Do you have a cousin who operates a deli in NYC?


rupert, stick with diamonds and rubys at the corner jewelry store.

you people are pretty negative. call yourselves designers.

i would wonder if rupert could explain how his stuff works?

do the chairs actually support weight? are they configurable?

Dear Guest,

When someone hangs their work up on the wall in here, they have to expect some darts to be thrown at it. That’s kinda the point.

I too would like to know if Mr. Rupert has done anything more with these ideas than render them on a screen. And whether he is related to the Rupert that operates Hello Deli.

All the best,


i agree with phil.

You see, I just thought they where nice clean pieces. I do assume they exist for sitting on by people. If that is not the case… if they are just non functional studies, that is a shame.

Good use of simple techniques applied in clean ways. Man the furniture forum is a tough crowd eh? GUOWSOB guys or what?

I kinda liked the rugged diy approach to your furnture. I am curious about the
odyssey chair, did you pour expanded urethane foam in to the ply forms?
You should push the foam stuff more. It would be interesting if you could disguise the foam so that it looks like a solid piece of wooden furniture, but when you sit on it you realise that it’s springy.

Play off the simple Hard/soft juxtaposition

Wasn’t feeling the bounce stuff as much.

I took another look at them and I tend to agree with Guest.

No, I take that back. Now I agree with Force.

Could some more people post opinions here so I can decide if I agree with them or not?


it is the yin for your yang.

I disagree.

If you were a bird, you’d be a Loud Bird.


How come I can’t get a 513 on black?

I agree.