The Design Can

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I like how the skew shelves integrate the screw holes aesthetically.

The parcel table is great in the smoked acrylic.

One small criticism would be that your site’s loose illustrations set up a slight disconnect when one first sees the (largely) linear nature of your pieces.

overall nice collection though!

I didn’t get a picture on the peel chair. I’d like to see it. Did you know that Stokke makes a chair called peel?

I dig the website. Very cool little guys scurrying around.

The work and site is really a lot of fun… Lots of personality. Inovative yet funcitional. Good luck with your venture.

I did not know Stokke named a chair “peel”. However, that chair has had some problems, so it resides in my closet. I posted this message because we are rehauling the website and updating our products. Thanks for your responses.