self branding domain name quiestion

so i’m starting off in the design field and need a little help. more or less i have a very difficult last name (eastern european) and am wondering if i should make something up for my future endeavors instead of using

so my question is, should i just make an artificial name, something like instead of just my last name?

any thoughts/opinions would be great.

sorry if this seems confusing.

also, if i do decide to go the name route, would you say it’s better to go.




Honestly, I don’t think it matters, the most important thing is you work, produce good work and the name almost takes care of itself. Look at band names, the Smashing Pumpkins, arguably not a brilliant name, but it is unique and easily remember able, so the music and the name became one brand.

There will always be an association between your work and your name. If you are worried your name is hard to pronounce or spell, then making it clearer will help with communication, but only if trying to create a business. If you are just creating a website to send out on emails and flyers to prospective companies, then it’s better that you stick with who you are, they will always click on the link or cut and paste. Let me know what you are trying to do and I can be more specific with my answer.

I had a thread that centered on the same type thing. Having an odd name will make you stand out.

Take a look at Dror Benshetrit… He went with Studio Dror, much easier.

Domain names are so cheap, just get both and direct them to the same site. Problem solved. If you want to freelance/consult, think about registering some kind of brand name.

I’ve ended up becoming half of the Mr-914’s on the internet, so works for me.


If is actually spelled, everyone will mis-spell the domain and not go to your site.

As for what is better, or, it depends. There are lots of books about branding. They would be much better than opinions on an internet board.

not an issue i expect if people will be keying in your URL based on typing it out from a portfolio or clicking on a link. It’s not like a company that they will see an ad on TV for then have to remember how to spell it.

you can go either way with or something else, and I don’t think it matters much. It’s more a question of if you want to be seen as an individual or a “studio”.

But ya, you can always get both and have them cross-linked…