I need help with a Name

do you think its weird to have a firm name if its only 1 person?

  • yes?
  • no?

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I am a graphic designer and I have a design job but am starting to do jobs on the side. I am by myself but I would like a name, is that weird to have a design firm name if it’s only one person?


It depends. If you are comfortable with giving the impression that you are a sole proprietor and you are the only employee, then a using your name in or as your group’s name will be suitable.

If you want to give the impression that your group is larger than it actually is, then you may want to present an identity that hints at a larger breath of experience.

You really need to ask yourself what you want this to become. Will this always simply be a side gig or do you have a larger vision? Do you see this side job blossoming into a small firm and then becoming a recognized design firm?

Best of luck. I say aim high and show your clients and potential clients how you can use the power of design and marketing to market yourself and create an identity that makes you look like much more than you actually are.

Call it “My Name Design” or “XYZ Design” either way I don’t think it really matters. I go by a company name and work alone and it has never been a problem. People care more about the quality of your work rather than if you have more than 1 person on staff.

what about ’ verb graphic design’. as in ‘I do graphic design’.?