Domain name-PLS HELP!

Hi all,

Just a quick question. If your name is a bit complicated (like mine: Mehmet Fatih Yuzbasioglu), what kind of domain would you get? how would you present it for better memorability(abbreviations?)

Here some domain examples I could come up with:


None of the ones you listed for me.
It doesnt feel special.
Doesnt describe you in any way.

It almost looks like a spam site, which i would be scare to click on.

Keep working on it.

Avoid hyphens with unclear abbreviations. It makes it look like a phishing/spam site. Why not Mehmetdesign. Fatihdesign. Yuzdesign. Or maybe a nick name (I don’t know your nickname obviously). Or Or some phrase that you like. For example, my friend’s is

I’ve already picked mine - it’s in my sig.

What do you guys think?


Funny how you didnt take any of our suggestions…
Seems like you already knew what you wanted in the first place.

Anyways, regarding your site.
Again it feels like a spam site, it has nothing to do with you name or you, at least on first glance.

I was tryin to sound it out, thinking maybe you are trying to say something.
erectile dysfunction-industrial design.

“Ediot” If you sound it out really fast.

I ono, care to tell us what it stands for or means?

Dawg, I believe those two are different people. It stands for Edward Industrial Design. It’s his name. But yeah epic- I agree, terrible photo/placement/design/type. Never ever use that red like that. That’s something that crappy banner ads use.

LOL! omg, my bad, sorry.
I usually have multiwindows up and this window only showed the posts and not the names that are on the right side.


Take off the words “under construction” immediately. That’s totally 1998.

I agree with the others, those domains you wrote don’t sound very good.

Another option: make up good longer-term domain name for your site. One that maybe (or maybe doesn’t) have your name in it, as long as it’s meaningful and tasteful

Then if someone were looking for you or your portfolio, they would type your name into google. As long as your site appeared and was recognizable as a designer’s site from the results, you’d be fine.

Thanks for replies.
I think I’ll go with either OR simply my surname

I know its still a bit long and confusing but I agree that it should somehow describe you… plus, no one really uses the address bar anymore… people just google and click the link there.

personally i’d still make it more simple that the two you mentioned about. or or something along those lines.

just my two cents

“I know its a litte long and confusing”

You know that yet your still using it anyway… Those two imo are terrible. It is no good it describing you if the first impression is wow that was a pain to type in.

People do use the address bar by the way. If i have the web address why am I going to type it into google and then click on the website when i can navigate straight to it?

I quite liked what jov77, Yuzba-design. Yuzba is catchy and remerable. is not. is asking for typos at the very least. not to mention might not be what you are going for.

why not create a brand that’s not centered around your name? even would be more memorable and unique…


nice catch :wink:

I didn’t realise it was that bad - then again, it was a very quick PS job.

Thanks for the bluntness anyway.

I’ve been looking at for inspiration on when I actually put something up there.

Any suggestions for web layouts?

I know a guy , Larry Yang, good guy too. His web site is you remember it, it is funny. He will tell you that in hind sight it may have been a poor choice. I like stuff that is easily remembered and fun. Now don’t go for " " or something dumb, but just feel it out.

Do you know my biggest gripe? Clicking on an image thinking that I’m about to enter the main part of someone’s website, only for it to have a 'mailto:…" tag on it and it automatically launching my mail program. ARGHHHHH!!!

And it’s not just personal websites that are guilty of it, but companies too. It makes me so mad. It makes it worse that I don’t even use email software, just gmail, so every time it happens it tries to get me to set up a new account.

If you want me to email you, just write your email address in text (you can put a link on that, I know not to touch it) and I can copy it into gmail… : You are Guilty!

thanks mate,

I’m upgrading the site in a few weeks anyway…
I’ll change it so it’s more usable.

You could send me an email saying how much you hate it…

Sorry, it wasn’t meant to be a personal attack. Actually I quite like the opening page… it’s just a gripe of mine.

I look forward to seeing the whole thing!