Portfolio Feedback Request

Hello fellow designers,

I am having trouble getting traction with my current portfolio as I apply to new positions and I was hoping for get some feedback on my portfolio. It is located at http://www.alexbrowndesign.com Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead,

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Alex, I think your suffer from a problem that I don’t see too often on these boards

Often I tell people that there projects could use a bit of Wow and more heroic photos instead of catalog style shots.
In your case it may be too much in that Hero direction for all your projects

Your first photo. The dude is super in focus and the most contrast area of the photo So your eyes drawn to that. Your barely notice that its a product shot… But good idea with an in context shot. Just not executed well enough

There some cool Tech in UPP, but only if I read about it. Show it.

ZSpace hard to follow. The process page is the most interesting part of the project and its seems like your trying to hide it. Also
Except for the Video, Every single shot of it is cropped. Again feels like your hiding something.

Hub: Very little reason for your process. You start with saying. We did forms. Here they are. But showing functionality in sketches would be more impactful here.

On4Today: Same thing. Without any context this is just a form exercise. Is it suppose to feel kinda kidish and friendly? Why that stand shape?

Bottle top: Seems solid. But again everything is super cropped.

Overall Feels like your projects may be too short to see your true process.

Secondly. Kill your sketches tab. Its hurting you more than helping
Also you really like things to be big and in your face. That works sometimes. But there are times when I have to scroll to see the whole image.
Show a bit of restraint in your image sizes. Make things a bit smaller.

Make the viewer want to get closer and drawn into the projects. As a whole I want to actually scoot back a bit cause of how bold everything is.

Emmanuel is spot on.

Each project was missing some explanation as to why you chose the directions that you did. Was there an insight from research or mockups that lead you to your solution? A story? Etc.

Hi All,
Thanks for the feedback and support. It sounds like I have some work to do after I go into a dark,quiet room and breath deeply for a while . :neutral_face: Also, I ordered the breaking in book so that should help.

Thanks again.

Alex, I think you’ve gotten some great feedback based on the previous replies.

One thing that I might add is that you do not need to show the entire process for every project, but you should try to illustrate that process on at least one or two projects, your favorites. Let’s face it, not every project is going to have this amazing back-story, and not every project gave you the chance to develop thorough research and form development. Pick your favorite projects and try to elaborate more than you are currently.

This may be just me, but I like to see a wide range of form development sketches for at least one or two projects. I want to see that an individual can develop a range of compelling designs, not just come up with one design that they “like” and quickly finalize it. The “hub” and “bottle top” start to show a small range of sketch options, but they seem pretty brief and only seem to be scratching the surface on options.

I would agree that on first glance, it is a very nice portfolio. It has a clean layout, and the imagery and renderings pop. Beyond that, I start looking at content. Can this individual design at a level I want to see, or is a nice graphic layout and renderings overshadowing his ability to design?