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I was almost finished writing a long critique when internet crashed. Nightmare.

My main points were;

17mb file? Are you kidding? 6mb max. Your files are probably too big (300dpi when should be maybe 120dpi max!).

CV- Maybe it would be good to add this on the 2nd page? Rather than 2 seperate email attachments.

Layout- All over the place- Clean it up - Why are sketch pages landscape when the format is portrait? And buy/steal/borrow a scanner, scan in sketches and clean them up in Pshop etc, they look terrible as photos. Personally, landscape (IMO) is better for screen based portfolios - You’re maximising the amount of screen dedicated to viewing your work.

Renderings are ok but you have some (Pyrex toaster) that is obviously landscape but again you’ve positioned it portrait. Doesn’t look great. Kerrygold renderings are way too dark, not helped by the background. Also, why not show the product in some sort of context - breakfast table? diner?
the Peugeot render on your website is cool, why’s that not in your PDF?

Graphics/Project names - So busy with graphics - Surely you are trying to highlight products rather than overshadow them with heavy and messy graphics. If you want to show your graphics, why not have a graphics section to your file?

I really think before people can honestly critique your work, you need to sort out your layout and make it cleaner/easier to get through and read (that doesn’t mean text!). Thing that confuses me is your website is a lot cleaner when it comes to each project… why not adopt more of that structured approach?

Thanks for your reply! and the amount of time you spent on it! I really appreciate it.

You made a lot of good points too, particularly about the DPI and the portrait-ness of it all, which is due to it being setup to print out (making up my physical portfolio) But yeah a specifically set up/laid out email, done at 72 dpi maximised to fit a screen is blatantly a better idea! Why didn’t I think of this! I’m opening indesign as we speak.

Thanks very much!

anymore comments about the formatting or individual concepts are welcome! I’m eager to hear opinions.

Have a look at this…

Download the PDF and have a look, it may give you some ideas. It’s a pretty impressive portfolio considering it’s a recent graduate.

Also, regards to the e-mail portfolio, I do think it’s necessary to have a ‘preview/teaser’ portfolio, something that highlights your good points and makes people want to ask you in to their studios etc to view more of your work. The above link isn’t really a ‘teaser’ in my opinion, due to size, and neither is your PDF either due to size and content.

I gave it a go :sunglasses:
Cut some bits out to make it more of a ‘teaser’ portfolio and also made it much much smaller, landscaperised it all. Thanks for your advice it was all totally justified, I owe you!

Hi Kelv,

Nicer size, good. I definitely think you should put your CV in there, on the 2nd/3rd pages. Leave the front cover as is, but take away the whole spiel about programs used, they’ll be in your CV under ‘computer programs’ or whatever. Leave the front cover clean

That first page of ‘wingback’ is nice, really simple and clean, use that as a standard to crit your other work.

Again, sketch pages, please , I’m begging you, scan them and clean them up in photshop (‘selet colour range’ and set the background to white). Again, they don’t fit onto sheets either… maybe inset them from the edges so you can get as much sketchwork on there, but having a clean border (as Indesign already has that pink/purple border, might as well use it)

One box doesn’t fit at all… Did you just drag this file as a jpeg onto the sheet?

Kerrygold- Too many renders, no need for it. Look back at Wingback to get an idea of how clean and easy this could be. It’s just 2 pages or renders… so what!? Sketches? Models? Show some development! I don’t understand why the text is so ‘graphic’. Clean it up, it’s unnecessary. Also, the butter looks a really weird colour, maybe just select it in PS and adjust it until it looks like butter.

Pyrex doesn’t fit on the page either! Again, put it a border or something. It’ll make it all seem cleaner. Have a look at that PDF I sent you from that asian student again, and find out why his work is so clean.

Quite a lot of text on bioling ball page… could this be better displayed on 2/3 pages VISUALLY rather than 1 page with shedloads of text…?

The wardrobe sketch sheet comes out of nowhere, I don’t really know what that relates to… again, border it, and maybe have a text box saying ‘this is blahblahblahblah’. It’s just lost within the rest of the work.

Peugeot doesn’t fit, text cut off… again.

Kelv, you really need to resort this rather than just dragging and dropping stuff all over the place. I’m not wishing to sound harsh, but I don’t understand how you could be doing well in London when your work just isn’t ready to be presentable in my opinion. Give it some serious though, come up with a template that the work can be applied to (again, that Wingback chair is good - Big image - Small textual description etc.) Maybe a small reason/rationale for the project would be good also, rather than a ‘features list’ - Remember, you are going to be talking to designers about ‘why’ you’ve designed things the way they are, not customers/consumers who want to know the features.

Other than that, it’s an improvement, you just need to sit down and put the puzzle together. Portfolios are just that, assembling a hell of a lot of work is the least offensive but most descriptive manner.

Good luck mate, post up some more when you’re ready