My Idea for a portfolio

Hello , this is my first ever post,

I would like to get peoples thoughts on where for my portfolio for my final year at uni i De Montfort, i should present my work in a magazine style, rather than just having all my work in a folder.
if any body has any other ideas i would be very interested in hearing from you.
i study footwear design, i dont really know what is expected from me in this area. i know it has to represent me.

thanks all

I think you need to make sure that your style and type of design that you like and enjoy if put across in your portfolio. For example if your keen on graphics make it very visual etc. Use the skills you have to make it as good as possible.

Look at some of the peoples online portfolios here, they are awsome.

I dont know what you study in footwear design but in my degree of product design we are tought to try and think outside the box and be clever and different with our designs. Thats what I have tried to do with my portfolio.

Look at things that you take inspiration from and think about that when your putting it together.

I wish you all the best.
Good luck and welcome to core 77.