Tear apart my portfolio

Howdy, I’m looking for feedback on my portfolio. Project execution, design sensibility, strategy, layout, process, etc. Tear it up.

Link: Behance

Context: After graduating college I landed a job as an in-house footwear designer and have been working in this role for six years now. The company is small and I am one of only two designers in the division. That has it’s drawbacks, but the upside is that I have had to wear more hats by being more heavily involved in the development process. I’ve learned a ton from my time here and I am exploring new opportunities where I can continue to grow as a design professional.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Taylor,

I don’t have much feedback of substance. You have some solid work.

If I was going to nitpick I’d say I think the contrast could be bumped up a bit on the footwear renders. They are a little flat, but still much better than the average I see.

On the logo page, I could see having some explanatory text. I clicked the link and was like “where am I?”

On the Shoes as bands thing. It took me a minute to get it. Maybe it should be Bands as Shoes? Because you are imagining bands as shoes not the other way around? I love the idea.

Thanks, Michael. I’ve always wondered about the contrast in my sketches.

As far as the ‘Shoes As Bands’ project, I had originally called it ‘Bands As Shoes’ but when it typed out the hashtag I didn’t want it to be read as ‘bands ass hoes’

Hey Taylor-
Do you know what kind of gig you’re looking for? Do you want to stay in footwear or do you have another dream job? I ask because it may impact how you want to show your work. No issue with having footwear in your portfolio (especially if you want to stick in that field!), but if you want to branch out maybe you could combine some of your shown projects and mix in a couple more non-footwear projects that show some variety.

For example, I worked in museum exhibits for a couple years and had a hard time getting back to consumer goods because I had a portfolio full of exhibits and one or two student projects. I started playing with some power tool dummy projects at home and, lo and behold, I got an internship at a power tool company.

If you want to do more shoes, by all means, keep showing them—Michael is going to have a much better eye for footwear than me though.

Hey Chris, thanks for the advice. Having started out knowing nothing about footwear, I’ve really grown to enjoy the industry. At this point I feel that continuing in footwear or pursuing similar industries (soft goods/accessories) would be best for me. Though, if anyone has recommendations for other types of jobs that translate well from a footwear background, I’m all ears.