Motorola Atrix 4g: phone as PC, laptop... amazing tech.

So Motorola just announced its Motorola Atrix 4G Android device for AT&T. It’s dual-core, which means it’s got the processing power to do a lot.

They will sell a dock that has HDMI output and USB ports that allow you to basically use the Atrix as a computer. You can also dock it into the laptop accessory, which is a laptop with a dock in the back.

Check out the video from the Engadget article:

You can run desktop PC sized applications, and there’s a nice UI to boot. When you undock the phone from one and take it somewhere else, the same state you were in is retained… really awesome stuff.

Kinda cool, they should’ve implemented the phone as the trackpad (duh). I’d say it’s amazing technology, but it’s not what I want nor what I need. The future is looking pretty spiffy though. Thought the UI looked like crap though. So PC.

This is a pretty nice step in the direction that things are going. Glad to see it.