Motorola razr

So is it wrong that upon seeing the razr in person i wasn’t impressed at all. I found it too wide and the etched keys seem to have a problem at the top.

Am I the only one who feels like as cool as it looks in pictures it really isn’t all that?

I thought it was interesting. is it worth to me 300 bucks.hmm maybe if it offered me more. I like how they added bluetooth. I have paid more for a device, but got more out of it (XDA2-by O2 brand) I cant really judge it though, If i had one then i would know if the size of it really makes a different in function, or how the keys worked after you had had it for awhile. i personally dont see many people with it- I think that now days its asthetics vs function, you use either to sell a product (some products like ipod use both) but in the razor’s case asthetics is whats its selling point- I think this phone is a trend setter-I think this is a look that might see more often but with better more advanced feat.[/i]

porcupine, I felt the same way about the device as you did. In the ads and on motorola’s website, the RAZR was far more appealing than seeing it in person. But the keypad still looks cool.

Yeah, I thought this was a total dud, an nowhere near worth the $400 asking price. Yeah, it’s thin, but it’s also really wide.

Should be interesting to see Moto’s next new ‘language’ the PEBL

I thought it was ugly. Thin does automatically mean its gonna look cool.

I agree with alot of the posts here, it doesn’t quite reach its potential.

I do think though that this is a stepping stone product and we’ll see alot of companies using simular methods to slim down new phones.

You’re right, porcupine.

I was definitely expecting more - liked the feel of the buttons, but the advertising made the whole thing look like it was made of better materials than it seemed to be in my hand.

I’m more partial to the SonyEricsson phones, for fit/finish/appearance.

its not even realy that thin! plus for $400 I can buy trio 600

How many of you posting or on the forum know someone who has it or maybe you own? I am just wondering-would like to hear comments from a daily user of the product. I think there comments are needed…

Jim Wicks? I thought the head of design in Motorola is someone else.

Do you think the market for cellphone is bigger in the US or in Asia? Should a high profile product like the Razr be marketed towards the Asian/Euro or US? I always question this because the nature of market is different. In US you have to convince the service providers to sell your phones, so when it comes to design, the direct clients will be someone other than the end users. The rest of the world lets you choose your phone and service provider freely, so it makes the clients more distinct.

Coporates are always more conservative than individual end users. Too bad coporates are greedy as well.

Tim Parsey left the design VP role at Motorola PCS and was obviously there during Razr and Pebl development.

Not sure why Wicks gets the credit from Newsweek just because he’s the current VP. He has his own legacy to build.

that’s the way it goes.

I think that the phone is a push in a new direction, I get the same feeling from Zen by creative. For some strange reason reminds me of the '80s. What I am talking about is the interface. What you guys think?

I am not saying it’s right or wrong but yet another slant on design.

I was disappointed with the fit and finish of the product as well. Slick photography and renderings makes the product so much cooler on the commercials :frowning:

motorola are bringing out a new non-flip version of the v3. it looks awful in my opinion. ill try to get an image. having just finished a part time job a vodaphone i can say that the v3 doesnt sell that well as most customers think its too wide and the keys glare too much

I do and he loves it. I’m the one who said its ugly… although looks great in the tv and billboard ads.

well-its ugly maybe in some minds and a waste-thats some opinions.but with function and features it does apeal maybe to someone…I would like to find out why? what drove him or her to spend 400 or however much on that phone-

I think we are missing something…

i have a friend in my class that bought it and he absolutly refuses to hear any criticism towards it whatsoever. I believe he bought it for reasons that have more to do with his own issues of inadaquacy and self worth. He honestly believes that girls will think hes cooler because of it. In defense of the products form and funtion he just says its the thinnest, lightest phone on the market (3.2 ounces i think, which is actually prettty standard), and that the keypad is cool. When i tell them that my 120 dollar phone is actually lighter than his, hes like whatever. I think the people who buy it are simple blinded by shiny, pretty things, basically if they were trout i would catch them all day. Funny because hes a design major and you would think he wouldnt be fooled so easily. Just my 2 cents.

p.s. the chicks in the ads are quite hot however, gotta give the phone props for that…

i gots one…and i loves it.

c this is what we need- the actual buyer and user-

brillot can you be more specific of why?

thank you-I think this will help out the threads discussions