McMurtry Speirling

While a $1million dollar single seat car doesn’t hold much interest for me, the proportions on this thing are so nutty I just keep looking at it. Production version just announced and allegedly it is faster than the prototype:

I thought I posted that already. Very cool! It’s like mini-Batmobile.

Really could use branding work.

“McNutty Spewing” doesn’t roll of the tongue or inspire chequebooks to open.

" The company says the 60-kwH Molicell battery lasts long enough to power the Speirling Pure to 10 laps of England’s Silverstone track at record pace"

10 laps? For reference, the GP at Silverstone is 52 laps. i wish rich people weren’t entirely tools.

iab: It depends on what you are doing. If you are in a lapping club, 10 laps and then a pause to recharge would be plenty to have fun.

I’m still waiting for a real electric race series with open rules.

@Mr-914 talked to some engineering students who built this little EV track car last night at the Formula E industry happy hour. I’m sure it will happen…

Sure. But $1M.

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I forgot to add, the person who has the $1M to spend does not have the ability to drive this car at its limits.

iab: true…