lighting project wiring resources

I’m working on a lighting project that has multiple light sources. I want to use rigid conductive thin metal rods instead of traditional wiring.

Does anyone have a good reference or resource (website, book?..) for info on how to do this properly? ie.: what kind of metal specifically? what diameter can support what voltage? how long can each segment be without experiencing a power drop?, etc. The project will have to pass UL/CSA standards.

Thanks for your help!

Unless the lamps you are using are low voltage, UL won’t let you do what you want. (See UL1598, section Many low voltage, MR 16 type overhead track type lights use steel and copper exposed cable like you are contemplating.

There’s a website for lighting that can provide you with companies who make this and other types of lighting:

UL’s standard covering this is UL1598. You can get your product CUL listed to cover both CSA and UL requirements from UL.

Also, since you’re in LA, you may want to check out an industry-wdie lighting trade show in Las Vegas coming up March 29-April 2. It’s Lightfair International 2004 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. you’ll probably see more of what the lighting industry is about than in any other single place.

Acala, thanks for the info!