US safety standards for lighting

Hi Guys

I manufacture a pendant light in Australia and I’ve recently had some orders from the US. Can anyone please help me out with the US standards requirements for fixed pendant fittings?

One option is for me to source a cordset from the US using an approved 125V lampholder and power cord. Can anyone suggest a good online US electrical wholesaler for this purpose? (we use 240V in AUS)

If anyone has any experiance with the US lighting standards I’d appreciate any help you can offer.


are you working in incan. or flourescent, ???

This pendant uses a compact flouro (built in ballast type)
The globe I use is a 20W fancy round shape that comes in either BC or screw base configuration.

I thought a similar configuration would work for the US?

You will most likely need to be UL listed. UL testing will take 8 weeks minimum and has a considerable cost.

You will need to provide documentation of all your components and ensure that they are already UL listed as well (power cord, etc…)

it seems like you are doingthis on a small scale?
As long as you have UL listed parts, i dont believe you would have to go through the steps to become ul listed yourself. unless you are planning this on a large scale. how much are you talking about ???

Bbarn, you are correct. I’m only talking about selling a few of these into the US

I’ve just spoken to a rep at the UL office who has cleared things up for me. It seems that the pendant light does not require UL approval if the customer does not request it. I think my best option is to sell the pendant light without the lampholder and power cord and then instruct the customer to use a licensed electrician to install the correct lampholder and power cable.

Thanks for your help.