Lamp Parts

Hi all,
I am trying to get my lamps off the ground via design and build in my own space. Trying to get them at least ready for any type of certification processes ie. UL, CE.

I am looking for sources for contemporary lamp parts – both electrical parts - sockets, wires, bulbs, etc. and non-electric parts - stems/pipes, nipples, couplings, bushings, etc…

Anyone know of any companies like msc/mcmaster but for specifically lamp parts, contemporary UL listed, industry standard lamp parts retailers?

I do know Grand Brass. I’m searching for more modern/advanced parts.

Please let me know if I’m being vague. Thank you in advance!!

Most electrical parts will be stand alone UL listed. UL listing is more about the parts working or not working together as a unit. No matter how many UL parts you have you will still need to send it off for testing. Look at existing luminaires at there hardware and often most importantly component spacing.