input from people with babies, or children who were babies.


Looking for input from people who have experienced the joys of baby rearing…Was there anything about your crib that bothered you? What about it did you like, function wise. Too heavy, too light? Difficult to change the sheets/bed skirt?

What products did you use that were adjacent to the crib? Monitors, mobiles, music boxes, etc.

Did you ever change your baby’s diaper while he or she was still in the crib?


Have a 2 year old (now in a bed) and am weeks away from another addition.

Functionally, I liked the ability to lower the mattress inside the frame as the child gets older.

The drop down side (for ingress/egress) required me to push with my lower leg while lifting the gate - didn’t care much for that so I just didn’t use it. Bent over to place and remove the baby. A better solution must be found though, as women who deliver via c-section are limited in their movements, and are not supposed to bend over to lift anything.

Our crib had a bumper pad lining the interior to prevent hard knocks against the wood slats; came in handy when learning to roll over. When the kid was too small to crawl or stand, we hung the transmitting unit of the baby monitor on the edge of the crib, then moved it away when the child learned to climb up.

Also had a mobile attached to one side hanging over the interior until the kid could reach the base attached to the crib; this is where the speaker and buttons for music playback were located. Too many lullabies starting in the middle of the night…

In order to change the sheets, I would yank the mattress out of the crib, replace with the clean ones, and drop back in. VERY inconvenient to change the sheets, my biggest gripe with the crib.

Never changed the baby in the crib, too far to bend over. Used the taller changing table.

Should report that we didn’t use the crib until the baby had outgrown the cradle in the master bedroom at around 3 months.

Thank you gilty.

That was a lot of info. If you think of anything else, let me know.