New crib design

I’ve had a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to undertake a little project (which turned out to be not so little). Check it all out, from concept to creation, at nhan dinh chelsea vs - Nhà cái VWIN020 and please tell me what you think.

It looks interesting, I like some of what I’m seeing.
One concern though that maybe you dealt with but I can’t tell. Make sure you have some kind of positive locking mechanism on the bed where it slides out. When the baby starts pulling up on the back of the crib, pushing with his legs will kick the bed out and he’ll fall into the storage!

You’ll want to find a way to make the mattress height adjustable. Newborns don’t move around as much and neither do infants. Once the kid is a toddler and can stand up, then you want to have that extra height on the bars. Also, check out other changing tables. You need to have more than just the kid there…

Ha Ha. Yeah I thought about the kid pushing the mattress out; that would be terrible. So it’s got a locking mechanism underneath the drawer to prevent that.

somehow i doubt this would be legal. way to much chance that you slide it out with a baby inside and sqeeze his head. an easier solution (not sure if it’s still legal or not, but know my crib had this when i was a kid), is to have the front rail section slide down…


There’s nothing specifically illegal about it. You have to have a double action locking mechanism (a lock at each side would satisfy that). The bigger problem is the lack of mattress height adjustability. That is seen as an essential feature, rightly or wrongly. I would also be worried about an adult or child sitting on the mattress while extended and tipping the crib or tearing out the drawer glides. You have to account for people using stuff completely wrongly.

There have been a couple attempts at addressing sheet changing on cribs, but they haven’t been successful. I’m thinking of this one in particular: At the end of the day, people tend to choose looks over a single feature like this. Especially new parents who haven’t had a kid.

You would get a lot of resistance from industry people on something like this. Any kind of moving parts on cribs are seen as highly risky. Dropsides have been the cause of recalls of a couple million cribs, and there are efforts underway to ban them completely. They’re already headed toward being removed from the JPMA standard. I’d have to reread it, but I think the new standard would prohibit something like this.

good idea…but maybe instead of sliding the mattress out like a drawer with rollers… just design it to allow the user to pull just the mattress out from the side and re-insert it. This would = less moving parts, less risk of injury, less risk of the product breaking, and it would lower the cost. Simple is better.

I like the idea as well as some of the suggestions. Beautiful execution.

great outcome Sthunt. Keep it up!!

link seems to be dead…