Portfolio in progress - please give me some feedback

Hi guys, last weeks im working on my portfolio. I will try to get internship in furniture design companies.
Can you please take a look at my portfolio and give me some feedback? What should I improve, on what should I focus (I keep sketching, I know I suck at it). My biggest mistake is that I was not documenting everything during studies (all the proccess) and right now I really dont know what to do about it. I even throw away most of the prototypes and pictures which I have right now are really poor (goofy yellow). I feel right now like I wasted all 3 years studying design.
Thanks for your time.

Hi Magdalena,

I had a good first impression of your portfolio. As you mentioned there is a bit of process missing and decisions that were made to come to a product. For example for the bike stand I miss the step between ideation to the end product. Why did you choose this concept from your ideas? How is this related to your research, criteria, etc.

I think you can redo the process, so make new sketches, models, visuals, etc. When doing this you update your projects to your current level and skills.

Hi Magdaw,

I agree with what mixel said. Some picky things:

  • It looks like you wanted the bike stand ideation page to have a white background, but it looks sloppy when your can see the paper like that. There are probably some PS tutorials on the levels tool that could help, and it also makes collaging sketches together a lot easier later …

  • Some more graphic / less text explanation of the problem setup of these projects could help. The clock one is okay but the bike stand one is messier and doesn’t pop out as clearly as it should (you could also match it to the style of the first crib page, which is a good statement about your general goal).

  • The crib solution is pretty cool, I know nothing about cribs but it seems like a good “adjustable by age” option. There was a gap between the ideation and consumer survey and the final design with the adjustable features. My guess is that the survey revealed that there was a clear need for this but it would be great if you deliberately show that.

Good luck! I know school and the future can be challenging but keep at it :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for your feedback.
I had some problems with crib because I can’t show how survey was conducted, I can’t show ideation process (because of NDA) and I couldn’t find a way how to explain everything without breaking agreement.
I will work on it and add changes basing on your feedback.
Thanks a lot again! :slight_smile:

The crib idea is awesome !
As I just read that you had NDA, and hence cannot show the research pictures. Why not to show some competitor mapping, or product mapping and where would you place yours. This you can build it quick, and this will also help to know whats the price of the product you are working with.
As a suggestion the 4 cots in different colour is not impactful, if you had placed variety and if you want to show the colour, then why not add all the four in the space of one image.
In both your Finalization page, Please show some other views/angles/usage of the cot. Its less interesting to see it because all of them have the same view and showing nothing more than the colour. Starting from the cover page to analysis and even the final money shot ! This shows lazyness. This technique can be represented in many ways. Why not put the cots one behind another to show depth of field/perspective. Add some creativity to this ! Its even fast to model and render in the real environment or use your mockup in the parents room !
Overall good work. Just dont repeat the same image/render again and again as done in the bycycle project. If needed then change the colour in Photoshop or change the angle of render and try to compose your sketch page to make it pop out !
goodluck !