Graphic Design Freelance help


i need some advice on Graphic design Freelance.

i do some freelancing on the side such as logos, brochures, business cards etc.

how should i base my hourly, or in other words, how should i charge?

currently this is what im doing: ex. if i was to design a logo for someone. i ask the client if there is any logos that he likes, or if he has any ideas of what his logo should look like. then i usually charge $300 for 3 (latlely ive been giving more like 6-9) concepts. from there, i show the client the concepts and see where we go from there. of course there is no charge from there. i am willing to do minor mods, but if he wants something completly diff. then there is another charge ( have not ran through this).

am i doing this right? for how long do i keep working on the logo? do i keep working on it untill the client “likes it” or “happy”. all comments are welcome.

thanks n adv

That’s pretty much what I’ve done in the past, although I generally charge $500 for the project. Sometimes you come out on top in terms of hourly rate, sometimes not. But it averages out.

When you consider the fact the Uncle Sam takes 45%, it’s really not that awful much money. Kinda have to think if it’s even worth your time.

iv’e said this many times before in other threads. cant find my old posts, so here goes again-

you can charge only what someone is willing to pay. it depends on your skills, your experience, your clients, the project, etc.

you can charge $300, someone else could charge $500, a professional graphic designer may charge $2000, and branding firm may charge $20,000. you can get a logo designed online for $50.

the best guide you have is how you and your client feel about it when its all done. if you feel it was worth and they are happy, you have a good rate. otherwise go up or down.

without knowing your work, and the specifics of the project, any other answer is irrelevant.

bottom line, you/client gets what you pay for.


6ix- very well said. the sad thing is that no one really understands design (im refering to the general public). i swear, once i mention how much im doing to charge the client, the client starts to find ways to make me work more. what do you do when they are still not satisfied?


i agree 100% with you, but how can i get the client to pay that much! lol