Pricing freelance work

Since I’ve seen a lot of people on here ask about how to price freelance work, and actual rates tend to be well guarded secrets by those in the know, I thought I would post this link from Creative Public.

It gives a good explanation of how to calculate your overhead, productive, and non-productive time. You can base it on how much you want (or need) to be making per year and you can then break it down to an hourly rate. I’ve found that if you take this is a baseline it gives you a good starting point. You can then take your base hourly rate and adapt it based on the complexity of the project, timeline, and other factors that we all have to deal with.

I also think it’s good for people fresh out of school to take a good hard look at your financial situations and use this as a tool to prevent you from short selling yourself and the skills you worked so hard to build up.

If anyone else out there knows of other good sites with similar info, please feel free the add it. This site also seems to have good information on keeping records in case of an IRS audit and answers to legal questions.

thank you for the link-

I think money talks an finding the fair rate for a job is very difficult an a subject that i have found that both sides dont want to spend much time talking about. But is very important.



there’s also a good one for (uk) freelancers at NUJ Freelance Fees Guide?

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