Advice on figuring out hourly rate for Graphic Design Projec

Hey everyone. I need some advice on how much to charge per hour for a graphic design project. Basically I have to come up with advertisements for a calendar each month using photos of models.

I have a product design background (undergrad degree and 2 years of experience from internships).
My hourly rate for product design is 35/hr as a baseline.
My question is should my rate for graphic design be lower b/c I dont have the same experience as product design?

I need some advice! I was told by this client for the project described above that my rate was rather high compared to other designers he was talking to in the area.

Mind you I am located in South Florida currently. …

unfortunately, its really impossible to suggest a rate.

it depends on your experience, the client, the project, and more. bascially, a good rate is whatever you feel is fair and the client is willing to pay. you can check all the standard rates you like, or what other people charge, but at the end of the day if the client wont pay, and you want the work, it doesnt really matter.

by the sounds of it, you already seem to have a feeling about what the client expects in terms of rate. go with that, or adjust up/down as needed.

if you have no other jobs, and arent really maximizing your time/costs (ie. you could be doing something else instead of this project, making more moeny), you have nothing to lose.

professional graphic designers can charge anything from $50-150/hr, depending on their experience/name/project.

another thing you may want to consider if the client is uncomfortable with the rate is to make a flat per project rate quote. in some cases this is easily more understood by a client that doenst really know how long things take and may be easier to agree to.

best of luck,


Thanks for the help. Yea I have quoted a flat rate instead of an hourly rate. Your right the client I am working with is much more comfortable with that. Thanks for your help.