foreign internship for indian student

hi i am a final year student of the National Institute of Design, India. very pretigious in terms of design education- founded by charles eames along with the indian gov.
how do u go about approaching international designers,and design houses.
the constrain being interaction can happen only through mail .
in your portfolio, what should be the content like, more images? explaining projects? showing process?.. and also should you send a copy of CD, or a flash file attachment would do?
what do people look for while recruiting interns.

There is not much of a chance of a company outside India paying someone outside their own country to get a job interning- it is too much effort. All of the strategies that you outlined barely work for native students.

Option A: You are better off getting an internship in India, working at product development departments and then trying at some later time in your career to emigrate.

Option B: freelance. Get a high speed internet connection. Find emails. Create a good portfolio and aggresively pursue contacts. You dont need flash because you are an individual working alone. you do need to present quality work- that means 120% better than the listings here. I repeat that all of this is diffficult for someone in proximity to the firms in question let alone to you who might be thousands of miles away.

Option C- pursue a further academic career in China, England, US etc to get in proximity to good internships.