Internship positions

Hey, its time to for me to look for an internship position. Im Australian and am studying in Sydney, however am wanting to gain experience overseas. Obviously an English speaking country would be best, so am considering England or the US as my best options.

It would be great if people could give me an idea and recommend industrial design consultancies that may be appropraite please. Australia is a very limited market and I believe it would be a great, rewarding experience and challenge in either the UK or US environement.

Anyone please help!!! Past students, current employers, others in the same position…

Much appreciated, John

I’m assuming you’re undergrad or about to graduate with an ID BFA?

Anyway- good idea with the internship thinking. But no one is going to come knocking for you, especially right now. Put up your coroflot site, get yourself a website, cold call one hundred companies, and send out one hundred resumes+CVs to companies, cold. Ask your family friends about possible leads, it’s worth a shot. Most importantly, like I had mentioned, no one will do it for you- you will have to do all the work. That’s what makes the difference between an unemployed ID BFA holding graduate and an employed Industrial Designer.

The one rule I was taught in my undergrad…
Send 100 resumes+CVs+teasers
You will get 10 call backs
Which will lead to 1 interview

That was more or less the exact ratio that occurred when I just graduated and went looking for employment, right out of college.

Rambling a bit, later.