How to get a international internship??

Hi, I am a year 2 industrial student in HK now and I am planning to find a up-to-3 months international internship in the coming summer.
Are most of the overseas (say European )design company not willing in hire internship from Asia? Is there anything that I can do except keep sending letters to those company?

I searched a lot of agency, but most of them don’t provide internship in industrial design discipline.
Did anyone have such experience?


Where are you searching? Are you sure you are showcasing and communicating your skills right?


you can always contact your university international department, they usually have some contacts that can be useful, i think that will be dificult to find an intership only for 3 months because usually you will take more than 3 months to develop one project, but i have seen some big agencies that usually they have interns for 6 months.

As I plan to use my semester break start from May to 1 Sep for the international internship, I can only work for up to 3 month. But, i will try keep finding the opportunity. I found that some agency, like International Internship and World Internship can customize the internship for me. How 's the credit of them?