short term internship seach guides....

a little background story, i am doing a computer aided product design degree with Bournemouth uni in England, ive been on an intern ship with visteon in northern France for nearly a year now, and ive been looking for a while for internships back home in the uk.

what’s the best way to approach companies which arent advertising for interns? a nice cover letter with a 1 page portfolio of selected stuff? nice cover letter, cv and a one page portfolio of selected stuff? bribes?

please help!

Im not exactly sure if things work differently over there…and am not as informed as to what the firms are like there either…

But I think the biggest thing is follow up, follow up, follow up. I have been guilty of not getting an email reply or whatever and just saying, “UGH.” I bet had I followed up on some of those, things may have gone well. Luckily, I have had two internships with a bit of following up.

As far as the work goes, I would make sure you communicate what you can do/your style/who you are clearly. Make your sampler clean so someone can quickly scroll (digitally) or leaf (physically) through the document. You dont want distracting backgrounds to distract from the body of work.

Ultimately, you are looking for an internship, so make it clear you are willing to learn and improve.