DVD on marker work

I know most use some program to render in today, but is there any DVDs of old school marker work? Especially of automotive design?


basic drawing:

They are rare. Todays standards seem to go for the Photoshop` style renderings. I have been “forced” to convert to the computer age rendering style. I’m an old school illustrator-designer.

I ordered the DVD from JD Orr, and was disappointed with it. I was looking for more of a Marker rendering DVD, he just draws with markers and does not really show a full color rendering. I was hope to find a video showing old school marker rendering, say like what is in Motor Trend, by Mark Stehrenberger and his car sketches.

Hmmm, I have a copy of an old VHS from GM design from about 1982 showing just that. It was never for sale though and is pretty bad at this point, lots of static, bad sounds… and old designs… but you are right, something like this is missing…