Oliver Neuland videos for product rendering.

Hey guys

Just wanted to let you know, in case any of you have bought part 1 of the series, that part 2 is finally here! I really like Oliver Neuland’s Copic dvd’s because he demonstrates “old school” techniques for rendering with marker and pastel, which if anyone is interested in learning, (not many videos teach these days, as most of them out there are for digital rendering techniques, such as the RenderDemo series). I don’t work for this company (Otakafuel) so I am merely recommending you get it from them, because they seem cheaper and their customer service was awesome! Amazon sells them too. http://www.otakufuel.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=14942

Have fun rendering newbies!


Thanks for the recommendation!

Sure, Michael!

Here is a link from Youtube about his dvd’s, for those unfamiliar with them: The making of product design rederings (engl. Teaser) - YouTube