Any info on a specific Marker Rendering DVD

Hi guys

I stumbled upon a snippet of a really great sounding DVD on Marker Rendering on Youtube! The making of product design rederings (engl. Teaser) - YouTube

The Making of Product Design Renderings by Oliver Neuland

I have been googling for hours now trying to find a company here in the US that sells this dvd! :angry: But no luck.

Anyone knows about this DVD and where I can get it? I was thinking of contacting the company in Europe as well. The DVD is available in English translation, even though I think its in German. Please someone tell me they know where I can get my hands on this!


says in the comments:

This DVD is available. I had to email the US Copic headquarters. It’s $39.95 and can be ordered from:
orders(at)copicmarker(dot)com Good luck, everyone!

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the info, but i did see that. :slight_smile: I should have clarified that i’ve tried that site, but no luck either.

I have been looking on their site, all over and there is no mention of that DVD!

maybe you should try sending them an email, asking about it?

Call them at 541.684.0013. I just ordered one from them.


Thanks so much. I called them and ordered it too! She knew exactly what I was calling for too, because the rep had gotten an inquiry about the DVD from you as well. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see if it’s as good as it looks on Youtube. I am actually surprised that there aren’t any current DVDs out there for ID majors on marker rendering, other than the old school books from the 80s, and I borrowed a few of those from the campus library. By the way, that Sketching book by Koos Eissen, I keep hearing a lot of talk about on this forum is not a good book for those learning to render. It has nice examples of rendered work, but does NOT teach you how. It’s more, if anything, a nice coffee table book with nice pics. I hope this DVD will be much better. It seems like it!

another marker DVD

I was sort of disappointed that they only had in stock part one. I would have to order part two somewhere else, but so far, all i see online are those companies in Europe that sell it and I have never ordered something from overseas. I emailed one of those companies, that has both of them available, and a rep emailed me back and this is what she replied:

Price per unit: 28,30 EUR net, without shipping costs.
Shipping costs: 29,80 EUR (without insurance, without tracking number)

I don’t even know how to find out how much that is!