Harald Belker DVD

what do you guys think of the DVD techniques of Harald Belker? when he starts the small thum nail sketches. thought they would be better? the final product is good. just thought he would start with a better lose sketch. your thoughts.

I think the dvd is good, but he should of shown some basic rules of drawing a car in perspective. For that you gotta buy scotts’ dvd.
Drawing cars requires a good knowledge of general drawing skills plus a whole lot of time.

would that be volume 2 how to draw cars?

Its how he thinks- yeah I was surprised but like he said no one ever sees the sketches. I am glad he shows it, because I think a lot of designers expend a lot of wasted energy trying to get a great sketch straight off the bat. They fail to realize the massaging process even in sketching.

Ditto, you don’t waste time repeating efforts. If the drawing is just to get you to another place and isn’t for presentation, do it as fast as possible and don’t worry about presentation issues like perspective, line weight, etc. That’s the point of thumbnails, the quickest visual info recording/shorthand.

that would be volume 2, I suggest you get the perspective drawing dvd, it’s really good and helps you develop your sketching skills. check out www.cardesignnews.com there under the studio tab you’ll find some drawing tutorials that are good.