Do you know where to get Shoes prototyped

How yall doin… Been a while seince i posted. But Im working on a project ( a shoe) and was wondering if anyone knew a site or a place I could get a design prototyped. It does not have to be functional as a wearing shoe but has to look like the design. If anyone has any info or advice it would be very sweet. Even YO if you have some insights would be cool.

Cubby Golden
Product Design
California College of the Arts
Senior 07

there’s this place down the road from me in ballarat, just beside the chinese takeaway. if you go round the back and ask for yola you should be able to make an appointment with the old man who’s been making shoes there for 35 years. his english isnt too good and he doesnt have CS2, but he’ll work for next to nothing.
google him.