NYC area shoe prototype

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to ask for help if anyone knows a place where I could get my designs prototyped, in or around NYC area (or even outside of NYC, whatever as long as its accessible in the US). :smiley:

I will thereafter place orders on them ofcourse, but I’m a start-up so I’m wondering if anyone knows a place who’s open to accepting smaller orders to start (like less than 100 pairs), who’ll make the prototype as well (if that makes any sense).

I’m looking to make women’s contemporary shoes, using real leather/suede materials.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks! :sunglasses:


You might be able to find some factories on Maker’s Row, it’s an online directory of American Manufacturing Sources, a quick search for “shoes” turned up a couple potential leads

This place in NYC seems to do custom shoes, not sure if they can do a small production run but might be good for a prototype

Hi Choto!

Thanks! I just saw your article about makersrow… i think its realy interesting and I have contacted T.O. Dey Shoes… i guess i’ll wait and see how it goes, but I’m also hoping I could get some more leads…

Thanks in advanced!