Shoe design!

Hi All,

Since a long time I have been facinated by shoes…
However I have always had a very hard time finding the shoes that I had in mind,
therefore I decided to try to design shoes myself and visualize the designs I have in mind and hopefully one day be able to produce my own shoes.

I have no experience with any kind of design software but am a general fast learner and before doing any study would like to play around with several programs to try and put my imaginary designs on digital paper and see if I have any potential in taking this to a next level.

Therefore I would like to meet people who are shoe designers or are also fairly new to designing shoes to exchange knowledge on:

  • How to get started?
  • Which programs to use?
  • Which tutorials to watch?
  • Which magazines to read?
  • And any kind of relevant info to the topic of shoe design.

Once again I am completely new to this and all help would be very much appreciated…!

Thanks in advance,

best suggestion…

check out all the threads here in the footwear forum. most of your questions have been previously exhaustively answered.



Thanks Richard!

I will study the threads for now and if any further questions come up (of which I’m fairly sure for it to happen) post will follow…

Thanks again!

PS: Are there any specific websites or online magazines woreth checking in terms of minimal shoe design you know of?

I find people in general are more willing to help and offer up their own (extremely) valuable time for someone else (let alone a complete stranger) if you are actually making a considerable effort on your own first…

In short: work yr ass off on your own first. THEN ask for help.

The fact that you couldnt even figure out / couldnt be bothered looking through the pages of this forum first, does not bode well for your future in this (or any other) industry.

But good luck!

Notke,Notke, Notke…

It is a real shame that the net is still full of people like you, wasting valuable time with messages like below…

A few very simple questions (no rocket science) are asked by somebody new in the scene and folks like you really think it is worth an effort spedning time on messages like the below instead of just pointing people in the right direction.

What are you trying to achieve ???

Showing of to your fellows: " how you keep it real" or something…
Come on dude we’re not in the 90’s anymore!

Hope one day you will learn how to spend your valuable time efficiently and luckely there is still a select few of people who are genuinely willing to offer help to whomever might need it…

Cheers for your time and good luck with whatever you spend your other “valuable” time one

both of you can stop now.

:laughing: ok boss…
i actually thought i gave the kid the best advice he’s gonna get. but apparently its not the 90’s anymore (why am i always the last to know?) & im just showing off to my fellows how to keep it real. which, i have to admit, is such an awesome thing to say i feel like im being told off by Borat. Pm me if you feel that theres a problem with my comment here.

I agree with your content, but the delivery could be smoother :wink:

Your fine, just putting up some friendly guard rails.

All good here (I think) and ya, the OP could do more to research their question, and some tact is also good in replying.

hence my original post.

bottom line, you get out what you put in. useless questions will have no response and die, thoughtful questions will spawn pages of answers.

OP, decide for yourself where you lie and all keep it civil on both sides.


PS. dunno what “the 90’s” have to do with anything…