Looking for Feedback

I’m new to the Forums, I was looking for some feedback on some stuff that I have recently done.



good sense of graphic application and pattern.

would be good to see more process and your thoughts as you work out the design, not just the final rendering.

also check your proportions. shoes seem a little fat and maybe too high in the collar.


HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Wasup Reggie??? Man i knew you will join me here. This is a nice place to learn. You got some new design and they really well designed except the proportions like rkuchinsky said. If you work on that you will see that your design will look even better. How is Philly?
Man keep doing it, keep all your sketches so that you can revise some of them. you will make it for sure.
Holla back bro… Karabo

Its crazy because as soons as I post stuff on here, I see stuff wrong with it. Could ya’ll tell me exactly what you mean by proportions. What parts are off or is the whole shoe just wrong.