best video card for 3D Modeling

can anyone that has professional experince using video cards tell which is better cards for using Rhino and Stuio Tools

3D Labs Wildcat VP
Quadro FX

ATI has a 256, but I personally have nothing but problems with them.
Nvidia are my preference for the money.
I think they have a 128 and no 256.

I use an Nvidia Quadro2 pro now. It’s only 64meg, but works well.

NVida Quadro FX 3400(dell) or Quadro FX 3100(direct) is the best hands down. Realtime rendering, overmapping, and twice as fast rendering pro files as the closest ATI card. Once you get it you will see it is well worth the cost. Next best would be the Nvida Quadro FX 1100 half the ram but still a great buy.

Better check solidworks site for compatibility chart because 2004 and 2005 have issues with many cards depending on the computer system manufacturer and set-up. But these two work on most systems.

If you are looking for mobile cards go for the Quadro FX Go1000, certified for SW, Pro, and Alias. Works great and also runs Unreal Turnaments like a dream.

go to
They have the full list of what can work with Studio tool

go for a Quadro…i sued to be a ATI nut but they have let me down so much i wana jump ship

thanks for your help guys…