HELP! - Affordable video card for running Alias studio tools

I have been looking for a workable & low price video card for running Alias studio tools.
Anybody can give me any suggestion? Thanks a lot! :smiley:

As far as reliability and overall video quality goes, I would stick with something from Matrox. Maybe a P650:

nVidia and ATI cards are probably cheaper, but not all 3D cards are created equally. Consumer grade cards are optimized for gaming with DirectX 9 and not OpenGL workstation functionality.

i beg to differ. studio runs better than in the past on most video cards but there are still features that perform slowly or not at all on some cards. if your video card isn’t on the list at this link

then i wouldn’t touch it. the cards listed there are tested and DO work. notice matrox isn’t listed.

this doesn’t mean any matrox will be bad, but you don’t know. also, matrox cards are generally rated very poorly on opengl 3d performance. i use an ati firegl 8800 and it gives me decent single screen performance in tgl shade at 1280x1024.

also note that dual screen mode generally disables hardware overlay planes on most graphics cards, which then makes sketching and some other display features bog slow.

for whoever is interested, the general breakdown is thus: studio is qualified on these brands: 3dlabs wildcat, nvidia quadro, and ati firegl. quadro comes from nvidia’s geforce, firegl comes from ati’s radeon.

if you want the current generation (as of a month ago) then get one of the quadro fx or firegl x cards, or wildcat 7110. if you want a cheaper card then consider the older quadro xgl 7xx/9xx or ati firegl t or z, or older wildcat or wildcat vp series.

the new cards that hopefully will be qualified for whatever they call the next rev of studio beyond v11.0 are the wildcat realizm series, the ati firegl v series, and whatever nvidia calls their still secret card, maybe the “quadro 6800” just like their geforce 6800.

watch out: pci express is the new system connection that’s replacing agp. right now everyone out there has agp, but in the near future you’ll need to start paying attention and find out which type of connector you’re using to buy the right type of card.


That may be the case, but imyu asked for a relatively inexpensive solution. All the qualified cards on that list are a bit more expensive.

Matrox cards are a good compromise and definetly above average in the reliability department.

As far as the dual monitor overlay issue you speak of, my experience has been that the secondary display does not allow for video overlays. For me that is not an issue sine I really only use the second display as an area for all my toolbars.

For the record, my Matrox card works very well with apps like Rhino, 3D Studio MAX and Solidworks.

I will also say I plan to nevertouch another ATI product again after my experience with their product. I was left hanging for over 6 months without working 2000 drivers several years ago. ATI is very lacking in the support dept.

i know someone running Alias Studio on an ATi Radeon 9800. not even a 9800Pro. card runs fine. he loves it. i now see ALOT of people recommending ATi over nVidia. drivers USED to be an issue. heard thats changed and now they lead nVidia (depending on which software developer you listen to). i’ve not seen anyone recommend Matrox… until now (except for old reviews of their multi-function TV cards).

my videocard is about 5 years old. ancient by most standards. old 3DLabs Oxygen. most gaming cards much more powerful than it. also bought one for office. i’ve run Alias Studio 9, DesignTools, Maya 5, Pro/E 2000i-Wildfire, Rhino, and other lesser 3D apps.

maybe buy an old Oxygen card. unless you desperately need dual-monitor…

now the sun is up and i have a slightly clearer head. sorry for sounding harsh. if your experience with older qualified or even unqualified cards is good, then stick with it.

i’ve heard that pro/e, rhino, and many other 3d apps are happy with a wider range of cards than studio.

speaking of drivers, whatever card you get, be sure the driver is at least as new as the qualified driver on the alias web page. alias qualifies whatever driver rev fixes the bugs with their software, so if you get an older driver than on the list you’ll probably have display issues. also, be sure to read about the limitations of your card so you’ll see what things alias knows don’t work right.