SW07 graphics card

Any $200ish video card recommendations for improved Solidworks performance?
I’m currently set up with an NVIDIA quadro fx550, Q6600 cpu, 4G ram.

Are you having serious issues with the Quadro now? The only Quadro series card in the ~$200 price range is the FX570, going by Nvidia’s performance charts which list the SW benchmark as 25.32 for the FX550 and 44.84 for the FX570. That seems to be a pretty good jump, but frankly I’m not sure how directly the benchmarks translate to performance.

I would say perhaps its worth trying a gaming class card, but that almost seems like it’d probably not be worth the risk unless you could find someone with a card to test before purchasing.

Are you looking to improve your real time shading performance? Or are you looking to improve rendering/calculation performance? (The latter is CPU dependant but your CPU is already quite powerful)