AJXIX: design video

This is old, but I thought it would be good to post:


the jordan XIX was a nice design i like it the most in the blk and red, but it doesnt look as good when wearing it, on the shelfs the woven material looks smooth and runs with the contour of the foot-but when u wear it it bumps forward and makes ur foot look " fat" from what I have seen. also where the tongue is there is a metal label says “23” ( could be plastic-metalic-havent seen it in a while) and that gets irritating when playing or doing a lot of walking in them.

I like the SE’s that came out after also.

The XIX are really nice, I like the outsole a lot.

dygital, the east SE is the best colorway of the XIX SE imo.

The early sample shoe Tate Kuerbis looks like a sock with a XI midsole and outsole glued to it.