Jordan 10.5 rough rendering

Hi everybody!! im redesigning the jordan 10.5 that i posted here. I’m at the rough phase of the design, nothing has been rendered yet or refined.
Here is a rough rendering of what the final design may look like, i need feedback from who ever has free time. :slight_smile:
Also it will help to tell me if my perspective view is right because that is one of my weaknesses that i’m working on right now.
Tony, Mike and everybody on this board please :laughing: i need feedbacks guys

Nice sketch. I like the way you are doing the upper. Though it would be nice to see some of the functional elements from the XI integrated in. The perspective view looks very good, but the vamp looks long. Also, U-throats kind of turn me off (when the eyerow ends in a basic U shape) and if you look back, inker rarely did them (they tend to cause wrinkling in the fore foot) I’d try to work around that.

Great sketch! keep the exploration going…

Hi Mike!! Thanks for the feedbacks…i’m glad that your reply was quick so that i can work on the design now. Thank you :wink:

This looks really great.

My concern isn’t with the overall length of the vamp- as much as the positioning of the throat overall. Forefoot closure could be compromised due the vamp- tongue connection being more on the midfoot- than the forefoot. I actually really like the vamp, and it’s extended cousin to the tongue- but fit/ closure at the front of the shoe is what I would be concerned about.

Karabo the sketch looks good, but I think you should include more elements from the XI like Mike said. It looks more like a updated or improved AJ X instead of shoe that suppose to be a combination of the AJ X and AJ XI. But the shoe looks tight, what program did you use to do the shoe or is that Xerox of a sketch. I can’t really tell.

jbhitman: Hi!! Thank you for the feedbacks, i think i got something interesting coming along with what you guys said. i will do the line work and see how it will looks like.

Reggieeeeeeee, where have you been?? i thought you will post here more often?? wasup? For the rendering above i just went with paper, pen and markers, and after i took a pictures lol and add some basic shading. I see your point about bringing the 10 and the 11 together and that’s what i’m working on now.
I also want to bring a story about Jordan into the design so that people could relate to that. How is Philly? school? send me an email and you have a chance you should start posting here and get some feedbacks :wink: