Jordan XXI

Here was my two concepts I did for

I am still working on more angles an the outsoles. I was just able to get profiles done . before the deadline was up. I ended up doing more sketching an less finished work on this proj. But we’ll see what happens. I am still scanning in more sketches I did. the sketches that are seen are all just thumbs about 2 X 1.5 inches.

the rendering all have no real textures on them pretty much just for a quick color idea. comments- likes dislikes-


flex-over wrap-lightweight, flexible. designed to have no laces an the wrap gives exceptional support during movement. the flex-wrap overlays lock down in the inside of the shoe. The wraps give the person wearing it a more customized fit.

Phylon midsole, also has a full length zoom air

solid rubber outsole-pattern to give court traction

design derived from the XXI-the two “XX"s make up the straps an profile design. the 'I” is on the front view.


TPU Heel/ Ankle support wrap-lightweight, flexible. The TPU wrap is also detailed with “playing card” pattern (took many hours to draw that pattern-was glad when that was over). the pattern would be apart of the mould or done with a laser.

Pylon midsole, also has a full length zoom air

solid rubber outsole-pattern to give court traction

the vamp is one long piece of patented leather. this will make the shoe more flashy an also easier to keep clean.

all the hardware on the shoe was individually designed for the XXI.

design derived from the playing card pattern. an a simple look-with speed an strength

larger image to help see-

Great stuff mark. I think the second direction is more visually dynamic, but the first is more unique. I think if you pulled the eystay back a few mm at the collar it might look that much faster. Also i think the heel could have a bit more shape to it.

On the first direction I would angle the ‘X’ straps a bit more, and make that tooling portion that rises up in the arch a bit sleeker. Might want to wrap the rubber up the toe for better wear. A part line like that will have a tendancy to delaminate after a couple hours of heavy play.

Great work so far Mark!

thanks Yo-

second one I feel looks more finished. I think the top one is at a good point-with time allowed-but could still really be worked with. I think it is missing more of a story. an detailing. I have the outsoles almost done-but it takes a long time to devleop a shoe-an a shoe like this. I look at it likes a works in progress. I agree the second looks more dynamic an the top more unique-now if i could combine the two…maybe

will work on the function aspects too. but as much as you can without actual prototyping/

I have posted on NikeTalk an kicksguide-am getting fair reviews. alot of people saying it looks like a team shoe. I think because I used laser-an the XX used laser that it can have tht tendency to have the connection.

thanks for reply



these are some of my scanned in first sketch concepts-still scanning-but I was trying a couple different things. like using a nike-free type of construction. was just messing with it an that was my top sketch. under that I have some ideas with different types of wraps an i was thinking about triangle die cuts that you can see the layer underneath. an tht layer mid layer would be all perf.'d an better for breathability.but also want those traingle cuts to make the material more flexible.
more to come-any thoughts-I unstand that they are rough an not finalized still loose.



I kind of like the star warsy-ness, if that is even close to a word, of a lot of those. They are pretty fresh looking. Might be cool to see how something like that distills into the clean Jordan language.