anybody seen the updates here, new xx1 tv spot, breakdown of each element of the shoe, extensive interview with lead designer… would be curious as to your thoughts.


Shoe looks great but the web interface made me dizzy - I had to give up before finding the interview!

gonna check it out after work-

here is a link to some more on the shoe:


(design starting to grow on me)


def a little deep, and there is no way to get a link to it.

Once in the site, click the XX1 link, Then click the launch button on the left. On the next screen a small menu button will appear on the upper left under XX1, Click AJXX1 white and a list of details will pop up, Upper, Midsole, Outsole etc. At the bottom will be the name D’Wayne Edwards, and you are at the interview… what is so confusing about that? :wink:

another fun fact…

if you go to the main AJ XXI menu and then hold down “m” and “j” at the same time, a game comes up that reveals the XXI’s secret authenticity system. it’s pretty cool, see for yourself…

Is that really an authentication system? I highly doubt it, maybe Yo can elaborate more on the purpose of the black light lettering

the interviews and behind the scenes where nice- I like how they gave you many videos- was well rounded as far as a overal presentation. Site isn’t that difficult to navigate once you are in the XXI section,

I was disappointed in these two areas:

when they were talking about the shoes in the interviews/ the camera man- or how it was shot -made it so that when sections or areas of the shoes were being talked about many times the shoe was half in the shot- and so kind of defeated the purpose of even holding the shoe- if it wasnt going to be used as an aid as you talk about it why hold it…

the other is would have liked to seen some concept ideas/ sketches something.

I think the design is new for jordan, an as they said it isnt what they have been carrying on from past jordans. but my first initial look at it made me think Puma sport/ especially with a suede upper in red. but it is more performance and the details is what makes it Jordan.

like I said its growing on me.


first glance at them they didn’t catch my eye… kind of like the zoom kobes… but after awhile… theyve grown on me… i like the design… i love the red laces… and no shoe cover this year round… and i also love its cartoonic sort of feel… almost unreal…

design starting to grow on me

me too, when i saw them some months back, i was ehhh…i was not feeling the texture of the leather, then i saw them while on the train about 2 months ago (likely fakes though they were wht/ blue, then again in blk/wht) and really was not liking them, though it could have been they way they were rocking them…after showing them to a friend they other day, i have to say i like them now a whole lot more than i did initially but overall i still lukewarm on 'em…

the ultimate test would be on the court , but that $175 msrp is going to make that really difficult for me. shame too i really would like to try the interchangeable heel, it on level it seem like a perfectly logical element but part of me finds it a bit unnecessary

i have to say i really love these things from jb/nike, you do not get this from adidas/the vector or anyone else…it is pretty amazing to see & hear designers talk about what they do and the reasoning behind it, i may not be in love with the final result but i most definitely appreciate the dedication, and effort put in.

The comfort on these are amazing. Its like someone on NT described it, its like wearing a couch for your feet.I must give DE much props for how this shoe functions.

One thing that worries me though is the clear rubber circle in the back of the outsole. Yo, maybe you can answer this for me. As the heel gets worn down from playing and also from normal wear. Will that eventually fall out? Im worried about having some rubber piece especially something that holds my heel pods in place, flapping in the wind.

Its not a glued in circle, it is molded in, just like any other color break in an outsole,it just happens to have a removable section of midsole behind it, you should be fine…they are pretty damn comfortable.

honestly i find the spot a little bit on the sad side…i usually love nike’s spots as they have so much positive energy about them. this one seems like its in memory of someone or something…maybe its the music that’s giving me this impression.

the nike spot that i was really impressed with a few days ago was one that i saw here in the UK…it was for women’s nike…not sure if it was for an actual product, but it had this amazing dancer and the whole set up was really cool and each time it makes my jaw drop.

hmmm? when I see it I think it underscores the ability in all of us to achieve great things.

That Nike dance spot you mentioned is pretty hot.

I thought could have played off of the DNA concept for the commercial- I think it is not in connection to the posters- just got back from a trip to footlocker and footaction and the posters for the XXI are really nice- how they have Jordan and the XX’s are graphically inter-weaved through him and looks like part of him is clear I think this would have been interesting in a commercial- because just in the poster it suggests so much movement.

I liked the music (track: let your game speak)- I kind of came at it in a different way- and saw it as inspirational- and it to me sounds like the begining of something new…kind of oh the beat starts off slow and grows over time… tryn get it on mp3. haha