which one Max or Maya?

What are the pros and cons of max and maya when used for just product randering? what are your preferances?


Max (base) without Brazil = $3495
Max (base) with Brazil r/s plugin = $4695
Maya (base) including Mental Ray = $1999

both render just fine. recommend you read spec sheets. i picked Maya over Lightwave. mainly since Maya loads Studiotools files directly. now it loads .iges though i dont use that to render Pro/E files.

I need to render from s/w files and rhino. I have seen images in max using the Brazil plugin, can maya render as well as this?


check Symbol’s renderings. dont think those are even Mental Ray. just Maya standard renderer.

fyi, max 6 ships now with mental ray (http://www.discreet.com/3dsmax/)

Brazil cant compete for business. project:Messiah in trouble too maybe. lots a good free renderers killing small guys.

3DMax price drop? 2 weeks ago it was a $500 promo. now permanent i guess. base is $3495. still too expensive.


i have seen good renderings with every package under the sun…and also penty of kack ones…i have realised its all down to the user. you can even get good renderings from solidworks.

rendered with photoworks 2 in soildworks

i would say go for max…but hey i am a max user

i’m with you Wolf. why does everyone want GI? caustics? like it makes a difference. SW renderer is plenty good for product.

nice rendering btw. animate it?

have you guys actually worked with Photoworks2?

it’s plenty kack (blotches) and takes about 20x longer to render than version 1.

Am I missing something here?

“rendered with photoworks 2 in soildworks”

I think it depends in how you use the programs every one has + and - .I work on Max but Maya looks pretty good too

I agree that photoworks 2 can produce good renderings, but hat guy from bhx design is in a league of his own! In my opinion the program is slow, unintuitive and is full of bugs. many hours have I spent slaving over a rendering just to get a reasonable rendering. Rendering a glass lamp that looks like it is switched on is a complete nightmare![/img]

that would be hard to do with any renderer. other options for you include

Air - http://www.sitexgraphics.com ($450)
Lucille - http://web.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~syoyo/lucille/index.html (free/hard to use)
Pixie - http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~okan/Pixie/pixie.htm (free/hard to use)
Virtualight - http://3dvirtualight.com/ (free?)
VRay - http://www.vrayrender.com (free/license)

most use .rib i think. Rhino can export.

looking for reasonable render alternative for solidworks. as I mentioned, PW2 is not worth the trouble of the clumsy interface. looking for quality+speed (=profit).
Any suggestions?