3D max, RHINO, or ALIAS...which one?

here is my problem.

im currently new to those programs. and i was wondering which of these i need
to learn. i am going to model ID poducts. i know Alias can do all kind of design. im really not sure about 3D max. could some one help pls. also, could
some one give me a run down about these programs, meaning what could alias so that 3D max or rhino cant…that would be great.

thanx n adv

3dsmax I would only use to render and now that V-Ray, Brazil, Maxwell have rhino plug-ins I would just drop Max off the list entirely unless you think you may some how want to end up in video games or movie pre flight stuff.

Rhino is cheaper, 4 has some nice upgrades and with lots of plugins you can do a lot.
I have honestly never used Alias, but some coworkers have shown me some features over time that I really wish Rhino were better at and the rendering used to be among the best, but now that the rendering plug ins mentioned above are available, that’s not longer much of a factor.

Because it is cheaper, more companies use Rhino so that may be a factor, but if you show proficiency in one or the other a potential employer should recognize your understanding of surfacing, etc and judge based on that, not particularly which package you used.

I have heard speculation that Alias may be getting cheaper since the acquisition by autodesk…ANYBODY?

I’m trained and experienced in Alias, but just bought Rhino 4 with the Flamingo renderer. I just can’t justify the Alias price premium for the same basic results. At Rhino’s price, I can easily justify allowing anyone on my staff to own a copy even for casual use.

you and everyone else, cg.

Judging by the fact that they’re giving away Studio Tools learing edition for free. I’m beginning to think Autodesk made a mistake.

When they came in here to sell us on Alias, they used CAD-sales trained people who obviously heard the ID sales pitch but had no understanding of the words they were using.

I bet sales are tanking…

I just read that on the Core77 home page. I read over the details, it says:

NOTE: The Autodesk AliasStudio Personal Learning Edition restricts users to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images as well as through the use of a special non-commercial file format.

Its still worth learning.