good animation package to use?


Just wondering how many of you designers use an animation program at work? If so which one? I am looking into taking some intro to animation classes to help my presentations at work out. 3dmax and Maya seem to be the best, what is the learning curve? Has anyone tried out “hypermove”?



Both have a similarly easy/difficult learning curve. But, if you get way into one (Max for instance) it can be difficult to do the same in the other (Maya) because of how different they are. Maya does a few things very very well, Max also does a few things well (but at half the cost maybe?)

Cinema 4D is another option.

Integration with your workflow is something to consider. Maya implements much better with the Alias and other NURBS data. Both have Mental Ray for rendering out of the box, Max has Vray as an option which I know a lot of people prefer in terms of ease of use.

Maya has a free learning edition - not sure if Max does.