soft goods prototypes

Hello there! My specialty and passion is making soft goods prototypes. I have a very varied background and am always on the hunt for work. Any suggestions on how to get more well known or how to get my name out there further than it already is? I would love to hear any thoughts and ideas.

Thanks so much!


Do you have a website? That’d be step 1 and optimize it for the keywords that you want to rank for in the search engines.

Hey Lauren,

Shoot me an email, let’s chat. I’m certain I can send a lot of work your way, depending on your availability, skill, and experience.

Take care,

If Taylor can’t hook you up, no one can… . . … .

Thanks, guys! I do have my info and portfolio on Coroflot and am constantly sending out emails. Always looking!

Please put a link to your portfolio in your user profile. I have tried three times to find out more and have come up empty each time.

Please put a link to your portfolio in your user profile.

Or your name… … …

Ok, I think you should be able to get to my portfolio now. I’m not as familiar as I would like to be with this so please forgive me and have patience! My forte is sewing, not message boards!

Thanks so much!


Lauren, I’m moving this over to the Footwear & Softgoods Forum. A “shadow link” will be left in this forum in case anyone looks for soft goods prototypes in Consumer Products.


thanks everyone. I’m still looking and will relocate if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone…I love what I do and am good at it.