Prototype Softgoods Vendor?

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this is the best forum to post this but I have a question for everyone about vendors for softgoods prototypes.

I am currently working on a project that may possibly require some sewing and stitching in order to put the prototype/appearance model together. It is part hardware and part fabric. While I know many vendors for the hardware portion, I am at a loss as to finding a prototype house able to effectively integrate softgoods and hardware. Any suggestions?

I would prefer a house in the Boston area but beggers can’t be choosers. Please let me know if you could help out. Thank you.

find a seamstress. Seriously open up your yellow pages and look under sewing or sewing contractors. You will find a few who specialize in heavier stitching and sampling. Look for ones who have experience with canvas, polyesters and complex constructions.

If that fails go to a local fabric/materials store (not Joanne or any Peace Goods shop) but to a commercial materials store that carries canvases, polys and nylons (marine fabrics is a good one to look for in the eastern Mass and cape areas). Boston will have a few. They will all have a network or vendors who can help you out if you ask–sometimes they have a board with biz cards. call them up and describe what you want.

soft goods protoyping is easy–its simply sewing using a good machine. the hard part is to make it look finished an work well.

I use a seamstress in Ohio. For sewing to hard parts, if they’re vacuum formed or production PE, she gets through them. But for RP parts I CAD in holes for her to use.

She’s done professional prototype work for years, but she’s not what you’d expect. She works from home and is getting a little too old to be put under tight deadlines. She also doesn’t have access to alot of the materials you might get in NYC or HK. If you can’t find one close to home and are in dire straights, drop me an IM and I’ll pass on her contact info.

Does anyone have any specific vendor information in NYC that does quality sewing work for soft products/goods??

I just need someone to make me a few prototypes…

Also, do you make the sewing contractor sign any sort of agreements??

THanks!!! :smiley:

I actually was looking for some contract sewing places for softgoods prototypes and I found a number around the US. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone in NYC. I have a company in Buffalo, NY I am working with and they seem to be pretty good. They are more technical softgoods though, medical and sports equipment. There are a number in the Boston area also that seem pretty good (no pun intended).

Let me know if you want any specific contact info…

I do prototype sewing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Check out my website at

Would love to revive this thread and see if anybody has found any great vendors in NYC. And also ask the same as Jules about whether you should get the sewing contractor to sign anything…

I am not sure if this is the best forum to post this but I have a question for everyone about vendors for softgoods prototypes.

Actually, it isn’t. Footwear & Softgoods would receive more specific responses. A search of that forum would more than likely return some immediate results.

Moving to …

I am new to these boards but wanted to offer my services as a soft goods prototype/sample maker. I have quite a bit of experience in the field and am located in southern Massachusetts. If you are interested and would like more info/resume I’ll be more than happy to provide. Please respond to Thanks all!

Just as an added FYI, I can work with other materials such as plastics, chipboard, vinyl, etc. As long as an industrial machine will accommodate it, I can do it! And I love a challenge so bring it on!


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