Does anyone have any specific vendor information in NYC that does quality sewing work for soft products/goods?? (they’re not shoes)

I just need someone to make me a few prototypes…

Also, do you make the sewing contractor sign any sort of agreements??

I’m new here…

THanks!!! :neutral_face:

PM me I could get you some names of people who do bags. They are expensive though but great quality. What soft goods are you mainly taking about?

Is this for Senior Thesis/project?


hi dygitalvision,

I’m also looking for someone to sew a high quality protoype of a back pack. It was chosen for the Umbra competition at my school and I have to do a revision for in the next couple of weeks. Any names in the NYC area? you can PM me if you’d like.


if i’m not wrong on you can find a database with all suppliers and sourcing information in NY. also in the fashion district there is that big botton and needle information booth on the side walk where they can print out all the necessary info for you.