Sketching Motivation Survey

I am working on a project right now and doing research in the area of learning sketching. As we all know it is a skill that takes practice to develop - and that practice requires motivation. I’d like to know what motivates you fellow designers (students and professionals) to practice, and what discourages you as well.

If you have a few minutes, please fill out this short survey / questionnaire. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Much appreciated!!

Done. There are a couple of the questions that I would have much preferred to have a free response other category since I didn’t really agree with any of the options. Good luck with the research.

Sounds like the game question came from nowhere… My game genre isn’t a selectable option… :frowning:

The last question should be rate in order of most important to least, instead of just multiple choice.

Haha thanks ya’ll for the survey design feedback. I battled back and forth with a lot of different questions but had to just go ahead and send it out at some point. If you answered it as best you could, I still appreciate it. The gaming questions are about incorporating gaming elements in to the software that could make it more fun and motivating.

for the question how often do you sketch? 24 hours a day every day wasn’t an option and should definitely be considered as a multiple choice response.