help getting sketching skills back

Hello everyone,

wondering if I could get some advice on how to sharpen my sketching skills. I have been stuck in a job now for about 2 year that doesn’t really involve alot of sketching. I do a lot of rendering in 3Ds Max and a lot of mock-ups (Packaging) but as far as putting pen to papper that doesn’t happen very often. I really feel like this maybe hurting my career. What should I do. I try to sketch when I go home but have now gotten frustrated because I am not up to the standard I was before I started working here. Anybody have any advice? Anyone in the same boat as me?

I’m in the same boat for sure, find myself doing a lot more computer work and almost no sketching at work. by the time I get home i’m either to buggered to do it or don’t really have anything to draw

I know how you feel… I am in the same boat.

What I try to do is to pick a project, a chair, sofa, table, and then I go throught the process of research, sketching, more sketching, then build sketch models then CAD and renderings. If the project turns out good enought it could be a portfolio item. I dont know if this is the best way, but it works for me a little (I hope).

If you find a better way let me know…